Tuesday, July 26, 2016

56th Escapade

Here in Vermont!

Blogger Seminar
This is the RV Rally for Escapees RV Club

We had dinner in Burlington

Monday, October 5, 2015

I Love RVing

In 2003 we sold our house in Fort Lauderdale and took to the road. We lived in a 30 ft, no slides, class C motorhome for 8 years solid and fully embraced the lifestyle of a Fulltime RVer.

I remember the ecstasy of having no ties .... We met up with my Dad and his girlfriend at a campground in Arkansas - see blog post here. He has always been a camper - probably most of where I get it from - and it was fun to meet up on the road. They had to go back home after our camping visit. We got to Keep On Going!  Here's what I wrote:
That's what I so love about full-time RVing. You get to keep on goin'. I've had lots of wonderful vacations in my life. But, they always ended. You always had to go back. Like having an invisible leash that would let you go far, but always reels you back in the end. I have this urge to keep on goin'. The total freedom is what appeals to me. Back on the road ...